• Le 29 mai 2018
    Campus Lombarderie
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  • de 17h00 à 18h30

La conférence du Centre François Viète donne la parole à David Rowe, Historien des mathématiques, Université Johannes Gutenberg de Mayence en Allemagne

La conférence de David ROWE portera sur  " Relativity during the Great War as experienced by Rudolf Jakob Humm "
  • Mardi 29 mai 2018
  • Salle des séminaires du Centre François Viète (UFR Sciences et Techniques, bâtiment 25, sonnette au RDC)
  • 17h00 - 18h30
  • Ouvert à tous
Résumé de la conférence
In the vast literature on Einstein and the history of relativity, one rarely ever encounters the name Rudolf Humm. Yet paging through Annalen der Physik in the years 1918 and 1919 brings to light two papers by Humm, both submitted by Einstein himself. Humm came from a Swiss family, but he grew up in Italy. During the Great War, he experienced the relativity revolution as a student of David Hilbert in Göttingen, but also during a semester with Einstein in Berlin. He described those experiences very vividly in his diaries, which are the main source for the latter part of this talk. I will begin, though, by recounting important mathematical ideas Humm and others exploited during the war years, when Einstein’s theory of relativity first attracted the attention of leading mathematicians. These ideas include spacetime geodesics, variational principles, and the Ricci-calculus needed to construct generally covariant gravitational field equations. Humm, in fact, wrote his two papers concurrently with a much better known work: Emmy Noether’s famous “Invariant Variational Problems,” published in Göttingen in 1918.

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